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A Lyricist is a writer who specializes in song lyrics. Kaviar rsvp™  is a Lyricist with an extraordinary vocal range in voice and vocabulary. It is a blessing being born with a gift to sing and write. This (differentiates) from a singer-songwriter who also composes the song’s melody in addition to the lyrics. So basically you have a lyricist writer who can vocalize her melodies! 


There is a collection of lyrics that have been written with a complete venue of melodies that spiritually came with the words. Volume One of Seven, can be sold at this time for future projects.   


One of my Loves is writing for the Christian (gospel) or  “New Faith Sound”.


Through the Holy Spirit  Kaviar rsvp™  has been allowed to create spiritual lyrics that He wants known. For the believers, you know exactly what’s happened! His leading lead me to market the original master lyrics and be blessed in this high profitable business. 

The idea here, is to sell one volume of lyrics into any listed venue. 


When collaborating, Kaviar rsvp™  may be asked to write the words first with the music added later on or there may be already existing music that needs words written for it. 


Along with extraordinary talent for writing lyrics with melodies, Kaviar rsvp™  is also aware of the usual guidelines when  the lyrics are also used with out music as in the case of a-capella artists, Kaviar rsvp™  has an ‘amazing way with words and melodies, so to speak. Quickly able to come up with words that effectively suite particular types of music.


Is the title catchy?  

Are the first few lines of the song powerful enough to pique the interest

of the listeners?

                                    * Does it convey the idea or message effectively?

                   * Is there a resolution at the end of the song?

                                       * Does the lyric suite the music?




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